with whom we work
our values & approaches
so, our mission
our impact fields
what we do
why work with us
what's our core
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we invite individuals, teams,
communities, and ecosystems
to transform their way of being
for regenerative, just, and equitable world
where each and every one thrives
old patterns & paradigms don’t work any longer
regenerative, just, and equitable world
where each and every one thrives
deep changes & crises at different levels
“we invite to resense our relationships with oneself, each other, and planet”
global citizenship
art & culture
regenerative development
creative economy
social entrepreneurship
systems thinking
& systemic practices
social innovation
we work with those who are eager to & do constantly broaden their professional horizon, knowledge, skills & tools
we work with those who have queries about rethinking & self-actualization
in the frame of their professional context
we work with those who believe
education is the most powerful pathway for a long lasting positive change
artists & creators
social innovators
cultural institutions
our target audiences
we work with paradigm shifters
those who are courageous, creative, curious, committed, ready to challenge
& rethink the status quo
we see ourselves as “gardeners”
how we work:
  • collective learning
  • inquiry-based agency
  • from “for whom” to “with whom”
  • facilitation approach
  • systemic approach
  • holistic approach
  • presensing
  • art of hosting
  • cross-sectoral & multidisciplinary
  • globally connected & locally rooted
  • “chef” approach
what we value:
  • relationships are at the core
  • human dignity
  • diversity
  • co-creation
  • authenticity
  • care — for people & planet
  • integrity
  • trust
  • aesthetics
inquiry-based navigation
learning journeys
  • strategic conversations — creating environment and/or conditions, lightweight intervention
  • co-design of strategy
  • development & implementation of transformational strategies
  • organization & system levels
  • different level of engagement:
  • offline & online
  • short-term & long-term
  • bespoke & open call
  • mapping
  • needs assessment
  • full cycle project implementation
  • thematic events
work in the field
we make processes healthier
we practice what we preach
we deeply care
we combine inner work
with informed action
… and there is always a twist
we act with regenerative mindset
& bring creative spirit
we connect global & local
we create and hold
transformative processes
why resense360?